Bahai Beauty Gardens - A Blog Post from Annabelle

If you haven't been to the Baha’i Gardens then you have been nowhere. If you follow the Baha'i religion or are interested in it, then this is the place to go. Grace, beauty and elegance will fill the air as you walk in. You will feel like you are in a wonderland of unity. I think harmony, tranquility and peace shines upon it from heaven. The thought of going somewhere magical like the Baha’i Gardens just lifts my heart.


It’s dazzling flowers and colours will blow you away. With all the variety of flowers you will not know where it starts or where it ends. If I had a dollar every time I saw a flower then I would be a millionaire or even a billionaire. My personal favourite would be the bold, blooming, blue beauties but then again the bright, light, symmetrical rows of yellow petunias were quite eye catching. The flowers are a busy city of people bustling in their own little bunches catching up on the latest gossip.


Now my favourite part of the garden is … the palm trees! They make you feel like you are at a resort laying down for a sun tan'…. ahhhh! The spiky fronds are like umbrellas protecting you from the water but instead they protect you from the sun. If you look closely there will be spikes as spiky as a cactus with pins in it. When a gentle breeze swings by the trees dance like a ballerina putting on a show.

As the steep terraces lead down and down and down, or up and up and up you notice that they are like green lawned steps. The lawn layered ladders are symmetrical. They lead down to the sacred shrine and the delicate dome or up to the peaceful view point.


The stars, the rectangular, the circular flower beds are all one of a kind. All different shapes and sizes show you that they are unique and special. At the heart of every flower bed there will be a  striking monument that will draw you in closer and closer. When the bright light shines down on them, their appearance will change from magnificent to miraculous.


The out of the ordinary cactus garden shows you that every garden has a peculiar part that shows its difference. The desert like oasis, gives you the feeling of camping out in the desert.  The spiky and pointy cacti have many brothers and sisters that wait to poke intruders who come into their boundaries. While other plants try to be like them, they’re only imposters that want protection from dangerous strangers.


These serene gardens represent the beauty of love and peace just like the Baha’i religion. The lush green represents new life in our world of friendship. The uniqueness of the design represents how we are all different in our own garden of union.  Finally the colourful vibe represents the joy found in the meaning of love.