Best Travel Books has put together a list of authors (at last count 102!) who have written travel and travel-related books. These are listed below in alphabetical order, along with the book for which, arguably, they are best known (in the travel genre). The list only includes authors that we have read, although the list of books for each author also includes those which we haven't read or reviewed. As there are a lot of books listed that we haven't read there may be a few errors in the information provided, so please let us know of any that might occur.

We hope this list provides you with a whole lot more resources in which to lose yourself in. Wishing you happy and safe reading!

Adams, Mark (Turn Right at Machu Picchu)
Allison, Peter (Whatever You Do, Don't Run)
Barr, Emily (Backpack)
Beasant, John (Oman)
Bedford, S. (It's Only the Himalayas)
Bennett, Joe (A Land of Two Halves)
Biddlecombe, Peter (French Lessons in Africa)
Bryson, Bill (A Walk in the Woods)
Burnett, John S. (Where Soldiers Fear to Tread)
Butcher, Tim (Blood River)
Carter, Paul (Don't Tell Mum I Work on the Rigs)
Chang, Jung (Wild Swans)
Dalrymple, William (City of Djinns)
Danes, Kay (Nightmare in Laos)
Davidson, Robyn (Tracks)
de Waal, Thomas (The Caucasus: An Introduction)
Dew, Josie (The Wind in My Wheels)
Ells, Philip (Where the Hell is Tuvalu?)
Ferguson, Niall (Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World)
Ferguson, Will (Hokkaido Highway Blues)
Fiennes, Ranulph (Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know)
Fletcher, Adam (Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know)
Foskett, Keith (The Last Englishman)
Friedman, Rachel (The Good Girl's Guide to Getting Lost)
Garland, Alex (The Beach)
Gilbert, Elizabeth (Eat, Pray, Love)
Gilman, Susan Jane (Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven)
Gimlette, John (Wild Coast)
Golden, Arthur (Memoirs of a Geisha)
Gordis, Daniel (Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn)
Gough, Laurie (Kite Strings of the Southern Cross)
Grace, Savannah (I Grew My Boobs in China)
Grann, David (The Lost City of Z)
Haggard, H. Rider (King Solomon's Mines)
Harris, John (The Backpacker)
Harwood, Phil (Canoeing the Congo)
Hawks, Tony (Round Ireland With a Fridge)
Hemming, Henry (Misadventures in the Middle East)
Horwitz, Tony (Blue Latitudes)
Hosseini, Khaled (The Kite Runner)
Humphreys, Neil (Notes From an Even Smaller World)
Hutchison, Gordon (Gangsters, Geishas, Monks and Me)
Jerome, Jerome K. (Three Men in a Boat)
Juliff, Lauren (How Not to Travel the World)
Kaplan, Robert D. (Balkan Ghosts)
Kapuściński, Ryszard (The Shadow of the Sun)
King, Michael (The Penguin History of New Zealand)
Kohnstamm, Thomas (Do Travel Writers Go To Hell?)
Koolmees, Jill (My Desert Kingdom)
Krakauer, Jon (Into the Wild)
Krane, Jim (City of Gold)
Kusy, Frank (Kevin and I in India)
Larkin, Emma (Finding George Orwell in Burma)
Mahood, George (Free Country)
Mann, Mark (The Gringo Trail)
Marks, Howard (Mr Nice)
Marsh, Nigel (Fat, Forty and Fired)
Maslin, Jamie (Iranian Rappers and Persian Porn)
Mason, Walter (Destination Saigon)
McDougall, Christopher (Born to Run)
McGinn, Marjory (Things Can Only Get Feta)
McIntyre, Mike (The Kindness of Strangers)
Millar, David (Beyond Dubai)
Moore, Peter (The Wrong Way Home)
Moore, Tim (French Revolutions)
Nicholl, Charles (The Fruit Palace)
Nordhoff, James & Hall, James Norman (Mutiny on the Bounty)
O'Hanlon, Redmond (Congo Journey)
O'Malley, Brendan & Craig, Ian (The Cypriot Conspiracy)
Palin, Michael (Around the World in 80 Days)
Parry, Richard Lloyd (Around the World in 80 Days)
Pisani, Elizabeth (Indonesia, etc.)
Potts, Rolf (Vagabonding)
Preston, Douglas (The Lost City of the Monkey God)
Pryce, Lois (Lois on the Loose)
Roberts, Gregory David (Shantaram)
Russell, Alec (After Mandela)
Shah, Tahir (The Caliph's House)
Simmons, Wendy E. (My Holiday in North Korea)
Simpson, Joe (Touching the Void)
Simpson, John (A Mad World My Masters)
Slater, Tony James (That Bear Ate My Pants!)
Smart, Jason (The Red Quest)
St. Pierre, Andrew & White, Gwynn (Torn Trousers)
Stevenson, Andrew (Kiwi Tracks)
Strayed, Cheryl (Wild)
Swale-Pope, Rosie (Just a Little Run Around the World)
Sutcliffe, William (Are You Experienced?)
Swain, Jon (River of Time)
Tayler, Jeffrey (Facing the Congo)
Thacker, Brian (Rule No. 5: No Sex On the Bus)
Theroux, Paul (The Great Railway Bazaar)
Thesiger, Wilfred (Arabian Sands)
Thompson, Hunter S. (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)
Thomson, Ian (The Dead Yard)
Troost, J. Maarten (The Sex Lives of Cannibals)
Vanderhoof, Ann (An Embarrassment of Mangoes)
Vater, Tom (Beyond the Pancake Trench)
Walters, Mark (Footloose - Sydney to London)
Weisbecker, Alan C. (In Search of Captain Zero)
Wilkinson, Toby (The Nile)
Wisner, Franz (Honeymoon With My Brother)
Wood, Levison (Walking the Nile)
Woods, Vanessa (Bonobo Handshake)
Young, Rusty (Marching Powder)
Youredjian, Raffi (Tour de Armenia)