Top 25 Travel Related Books

OK, right about now you're probably wondering what are the 25 Best Travel Related Books that this website is supposed to be showcasing.  

Well, the truth is I have a rough list ready to go but still need to re-read some of my back catalogue before finalising it.  The problem with having read 200+ travel books over the past 20 years (and the fact that I'm not getting any younger!), is that before ranking them I thought it best to re-read them to make sure I'm doing them proper justice. At my current reading rate of 1-2 books a week, I reckon I'll have something good to go in a couple of months. So, please bear with me as this website is very much a work in progress which, in fairness, is likely to always be the case as I come across new books and constantly revise and update lists.

What I thought was more important, however, was diving in and getting some information up to make it real. Before you leave though, there are some live sections which you can check out including my funniest top travel-related books (to date) and the best books that have been made into movies that inspire travel.